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In A.G. 101 (the 101st year of the Advanced Generation calendar) a mysterious entity known only as "UE", or "unknown enemy", attacks and destroys the space colony Angel. This brutal attack becomes infamous as the "The Day the Angel Fell", and marks the beginning of humanity's war for survival.

The series begins in A.G. 108 when the UE attack the space colony Ovan, where Flit Asuno lives with his mother. Flit's mother is killed by the UE, and in her belongings (in an object called a "AGE Device") he discovers the blueprints for a powerful weapon from the past - the ancient messiah named "Gundam."

From these blueprints, Flit spends the next several years studying engineering at an Earth Federation base on the Nora space colony and designing the AGE-1 Gundam. Seven years later, in A.G. 115, Flit completes the Gundam, just as the UE attack Nora. Flit and his lineage's battle piloting the AGE-1 to protect mankind is about to begin.  

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Synonyms: Kidou Senshi Gundam AGE
Japanese: 機動戦士ガンダムAGE

Type: TV 
Episodes: 49 
Status: Finished Airing 
Aired: Oct 9, 2011 to Sep 23, 2012 
Producers: Sunrise, Lantis, Mainichi Broadcasting, 
Sony Music Entertainment
Genres: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Type : MKV Hardsubbed
 Size : ~90 MB
Bit Depth : 8 bit
Res :  720p
Fansubber : Sage


:: First Generation Arc [AG 114] ::

- Flit Asuno Story-

#Episode TitleTusfilesOther
01The Savior, GundamDownload N / A
02The Power of AGEDownloadN / A
03The Twisted ColonyDownloadN / A
04The White WolfDownloadN / A
05The Demon BoyDownloadN / A
06The Light and Shadow of FardainDownloadN / A
07Evolving GundamDownloadN / A
08A Deadly United FrontDownloadN / A
09Secret Mobile SuitDownloadN / A
10Day of Fierce BattleDownloadN / A
11The Reunion at MinsryDownloadN / A
12The Rebels Set SailDownloadN / A
13Space Fortress AmbatDownloadN / A
14Flash of SorrowDownloadN / A
15Those Tears Fall in SpaceDownloadN / A

 n/a : not available yet

:: Second Generation Arc [AG 140 - 142] ::

- Asemu Asuno Story-

#Episode TitleTusfilesOther
16The Gundam in the StableDownload N / A
17Friendship, Love and Mobile SuitsDownloadN / A
18Graduation Ceremony CombatDownloadN / A
19Asemu's Departure DownloadN / A
20The Red Mobile SuitDownloadN / A
21The Shadow that AwaitsDownloadN / A
22Big Ring Absolute Line of DefenseDownloadN / A
23Suspicious ColonyDownloadN / A
24X-Rounder DownloadN / A
25The Terrifying Mu-szellDownloadN / A
26The Earth is...Our EdenDownloadN / A
27I Saw a Red SunsetDownloadN / A
28Upheaval in the Earth SphereDownloadN / A

 n/a : not available yet

:: Third Generation Arc [AG 164] ::

- Kio Asuno -

#Episode TitleTusfilesOther
29Grandfather's GundamDownloadN / A
30The City Becomes a BattlefieldDownloadN / A
31Tremble in Fear - Ghosts of the DesertDownloadN / A
32The TraitorDownloadN / A
33Howl to the EarthDownloadN / A
34Space Pirates BisidianDownloadN / A
35Cursed TreasureDownloadN / A
36The Stolen GundamDownloadN / A
37The World of the VagansDownloadN / A
38Fugitive KioDownloadN / A
39The Door to the New WorldDownloadN / A

 n/a : not available yet

:: Three Generation Arc [AG 164] ::

- Asuno Family -

#Episode ListTusfilesOther
40Kio's Decision: Together with the GundamDownloadN / A
41Magnificent FramDownloadN / A
42Girard Spriggan DownloadN / A
43Splendid! Triple GundamDownloadN / A
44Diverging PathsDownloadN / A
45Sid the DestroyerDownloadN / A
46Space Fortress, La GramisDownloadN / A
47Blue Planet, Lives EndingDownloadN / A
48The Glitter of DespairDownloadN / A
49End of a Long JourneyDownloadN / A

 n/a : not available yet

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