Attack on Titan Season 3 isn’t finished with the Uprising Arc! The staff announced that Part Two will begin airing in April 2019 — effectively taking a two-season break as Wit Studio polishes things up.

Hajime Isayama wrote ‘The Uprising Arc‘ as the manga’s longest section, which contains loads of world building and human drama. It’s a two-pronged arc that showcases Survey Corps leading a coup against the government and revealing the truth behind the Titans’ existence.

Wit Studio debuted season three in July and they planned on airing a two-part finale on October 1 and October 8. However, news coverage of Typhoon Trami delayed the episodes October 15 and October 22.

Let’s be honest, the majority of stories will conclude with good defeating evil. There may be some losses along the way and the ending might be bittersweet, but at least the good guys win.

Not with these series. Like life, sometimes evil wins. And since this is about evil, there will be spoilers!

So go on, get out of here if you don’t want some story endings spoiled. Your fault for not reading the manga (j/k fam, I love you).

1. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

What happens: An ambiguously gay priest fulfills Dio’s long-term plan of attaining heaven, then kills every character except for Emporio, and resets the entire universe. The characters who died do return with their same body and soul, but it doesn’t matter since Dio’s goal was achieved (even though he died decades before).

2. Silent Möbius

What happens: So, evil doesn’t win per say, but there is a pivotal moment during the last arc. Katsumi Liqueur and Robert DeVice finally enter a relationship and totally sleep with each other. While Katsumi is showering the next morning, the villain Ganossa Maximillian sneaks into the apartment, slaughters Robert, sneaks out, then witnesses Katsumi becoming overwhelmed with grief before vaporizing her apartment complex.

Being a true bastard, Maximillian breaks the 4th wall and bows to the audience.

3. Berserk (1997)

What happens: Griffith triggers the eclipse and sacrifices his former squad to flesh-eating demons while raping a pregnant Casca in front of Guts. Casca then gives birth to an abomination, goes clinically insane, and Guts loses one arm and one eye. Griffith prances away to become a dimension altering demon.

4. Yu Yu Hakusho

What happens: Shinobu Sensui wants to open the portal to Demon World and let all the demons run wild since he wants to be killed by a demon stronger than him. Yusuke Urameshi, who is revived as a demon, kills Sensui. The portal to Demon World is left open, but humans and demons get along just fine. Even though Sensui dies, Yusuke admits that Sensui is the true winner.

5. Chrono Crusade

What happens: The villain simply kills all of the heroes in the anime, while the manga ends differently.

6. Speed Grapher

What happens: Suitengu manages to gather all of the money in Japan in a skyscraper, burns the skyscraper to plunge Japan into an economic crisis, kills everyone in a fetish club, and witnesses his rival losing his eyesight.

7. Hellsing: Ultimate

What happens: The Major gets to see his great war. It doesn’t matter who wins or if he dies, The Major just wants the world to burn.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion

What happens: Seele successfully triggers the Human Instrumentality Project, which turns everyone into Tang.

9. Fate/Zero

What happens: A naked Gilgamesh and a stone-faced Kotomine skip into the sunset after the city of Fuyuki is destroyed. Their goal was to prevent Kiritsugu from winning the Holy Grail and they succeeded.

10. Gintama

What happens: The Tendoshu is a powerful group that controls virtually everything in the Gintama universe, and they showed this during the Shogun Assassination Arc. The Tendoshu showed their power by distracting the major factions by having them fight each other while they assassinated the current Shogun.

11. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

What happens: Kyubey achieves his goal of making a contract with Madoka. Kyubey doesn’t care that the contract is on Madoka’s terms, it’s the fact that she made the contract that matters.

What is your favorite anime that ends on an evil note?

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Anime fans have been waiting for signs of life from the oft delayed Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 movie, which will wrap up the Rebuild of Evangelion project.

The finale has largely been put on the back burner due to Hideaki Anno taking time to voice Jiro Horikoshi in The Wind Rises and co-direct Shin Godzilla.

However, chief animation director Takeshi Honda gave an update on the movie's status while speaking at the MCM London Comic Con, saying, "We're actually working on the new Evangelion film right now. We're working hard and it'll come out eventually, so thanks for all of your patience - please continue to be patient, because it's going to be the last episode."

The Rebuild of Evangelion film project began in 2007 as a reboot of the Evangelion series. At the time, Hideako Anno said the movies will tell the story, "as he wanted it to be" without the budget and technical constraints he had in the '90s.

By Baam Amaam - Nov 22nd, 2016

In this new action-comedy, everything about a young man named Saitama screams "AVERAGE," from his lifeless expression, to his bald head, to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking fellow doesn't have your average problem... He's actually a superhero that's looking for tough opponents! The problem is, every time he finds a promising candidate he beats the snot out of them in one punch. Can Saitama finally find an evil villain strong enough to challenge him? Follow Saitama through his hilarious romps as he searches for new bad guys to challenge!

Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2015 to ?
Producers: Madhouse, TV Tokyo, Viz MediaL
Genres: Action, Comedy, Parody, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Super Power, Supernatural
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: None
Fansub: Commie
Encoder: Hybrid
Encoded Setting: x264 720p 10bit @ CRF 24-24.5 @ AAC 48kpbs


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Special 01
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Special 03
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Special 06

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